Sørlandsk Stracciatella


Sørlandsk Stracciatella

Producer: Osteverkstedet
Type: Fresh cheese
Milk: Unpasteurised cow's milk

Flavour: Mild and delicious flavour.

Description: Most people know Burrata, the queen of all cheeses in Italy. Stracciatella is the heart of Burrata. It is made from shredded Sørlandsk Mozzarella (Southern Norwegian Mozzarella) mixed with cream. Eaten with salty or sweet food and tastes amazing with cured meats and strawberries. Delicious! Fresh cheese made from unpasteurised cow's milk, mixed with cream. White, soft and velvety cheese. Available in cups of approx. 250 g and 500 g or in 2 kg bags. Best served at room temperature. Ready to eat right away.

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Sørlandsk Stracciatella fra Osteverkstedet