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Cheese enthusiast and zealot Pål K. Medhus wants to take you on a journey around our country, and the theme is cheese! Or really, the theme is what farmers, farm owners and oysters have done with their milk throughout the ages in this country.

The podcast series OSTEPOD will be a documentation of much of what is known, but also offers many new and completely unknown aspects of Norwegian agriculture, cheese production and the people who work with it. With basic curiosity and the ability to completely immerse himself in the topic, Pål has a plan and a desire to educate the public about the processing of milk throughout 2023! The same year that Norway will host the World Cheese Awards, the Cheese Championship, for the second time.

Here, in HANEN's podcast, you will find all the episodes of Ostepodden, which will be released steadily until the Cheese WC in October 2023.