Sognakvitost Mellomlagra

Sognakvitost fra Undredal Stølsysteri

The parish kvitosten is a semi-solid white goat's cheese made from freshly strained (unpasteurized) goat's milk, acid culture and rennet.

This cheese represents a tradition that is common to the inner parishes. That's why we call our unsalted kvitost variant Sognakvitost. Sognakvit cheese was, and is, used in the daily diet for dinner and salty food, especially by the older sogs.

The cheese is available in three degrees of maturity: new age (2-3 months), medium age (3-6 months) and well age (6-12 months). It should be kept cool, well wrapped or under a cheesecloth. Temperate before the meal.

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Bukkeblå fra Sæterstad Gård

Bukkeblå is made from goat's milk, where parts of the milk are separated to get cream for our brown goat's cheese. This is therefore a lean type of blue cheese. It is still flavorful and full-bodied, but firm and mild.

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Cubed cheese

Kubbeost fra Rueslåtten Ysteri

The cube cheese made from goat's milk is a mature cream cheese, which is matured with milk mushrooms. This type of cheese is often called chevre. The cheese won a bronze medal in the World Cheese Championship in 2018. The wooden barrels on which Kubbeostane rests are made in collaboration with Vinn Hallingdal. The trefjølen are a part of the local value creation. Important for the cheese, the farmer and the environment.

What about cutting a good slice and heating it for a couple of minutes in the oven, and serving with blackcurrant syrup and some hazelnuts dipped in hot sugar?

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Jørn's brie

Jørns Brie

Jørns brie er en hvitmuggost som er produsert på original fransk oppskrift. Osten vil ha en hard kjerne i midten frem til den er helt moden. Jørns brie fikk i April 2017 spesialitetmerket. Prøv gjerne en kombinasjon av vår chiligele, brie og kjeks!

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Sunnmørssøst fra TINE

Sunnmørssøst has a fresh, sweet and caramel-like taste with a soft, slightly lumpy texture.

Serve plenty of Sunnmørssøst on waffles, lefs, lomps and potato cakes for breakfast, lunch or with coffee. Sunnmørssøst has traditionally been used on festive tables around the country. Sunnmørssøst is also good on bread for breakfast and dinner.

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Ridder® is a semi-firm, putty-ripened cheese with an exceptionally rich taste and aroma. It has a light yellow, silky texture and a supple consistency which, together with the orange-yellow surface, gives a delicious and inviting appearance.

A very special bacterial culture is applied to the cheese before it is left to ripen for approx. two weeks. This means that the bacterial culture works its way into the cheese during storage and gives the cheese the distinctive character and taste that Ridder® is so famous for.

Ridder® goes well with dark and light bread, with sweet and salty biscuits as well as with fruit and vegetables. Feel free to use Ridder® as a snack on its own, or as an ingredient in salads.

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Made in our own cheese factory using organic milk from Grøndalen Gård. This cheese is perfect to have over salad, pasta or spread on a slice of bread. Beautiful alone or together with other accessories. It is the very essence of the cream in Burrata

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Winther Ysteri

Snøball mozzarella is a fresh cheese made at our cheese factory in Oslo. We have a very special love for cheese and the raw material milk.

Our dairy manager Siri Helen Winther has worked with Norwegian raw material producers throughout her professional career and in recent years she has been a judge for the World Cheese Award, also called the World Cheese Championship.

We make our cheeses on organic unpasteurized milk from Grøndalen Gård.

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