Many people find it difficult to describe the tastes and smells of what they eat. By becoming aware of what we taste and smell, we will get even more out of the taste experience. In addition, we may want to find more products with the same qualities we like and perhaps discover a new favourite? To teach you to become a "better taster", a tip might be to start by smelling more of what you surround yourself with. 

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Ostelandet's taste wheel:

Ostelandet has put together a tasting wheel that can help you taste cheese and learn to recognize which cheeses you like. We have also added a recommendation for which drink can go with the different types of cheese. Below is also a downloadable version that you can print and use as a reference work. Or maybe you want to use it as a tool at the cheese party?

How to use the flavor wheel:

CHEESE TYPE: In the two innermost circles you will find the cheese type, milk type or flavor intensity.

TASTE AND SMELL: The middle circle shows you which flavors to look for.

DRINK: In the outermost circle, you get a clue as to which drink can go well with it.


Take the cheeses out an hour before the tasting so that they bring out the smell and taste

There is often a lot of flavor in the crust, so you can use this to regulate the flavor if you wish.

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