Røkt Sørlandsk Mozzarella


Røkt Sørlandsk Mozzarella

Producer: Osteverkstedet
Type: Fresh cheese
Milk: Unpasteurised cow's milk

Flavour: Smoked and slightly salty flavour.

Description: Think of Sørlandsk Mozzarella, and add that little extra – a smoky flavour. A delicious and unexpected change in a salad, on a hamburger, pizza etc. Guaranteed success! Fresh cheese made from unpasteurised cow's milk and rennet with the pasta filata method. Yellow surface after the smoking process. Velvety cheese with a high moisture content. When the cheese is cut, the "latticello" comes out, a whitish liquid with a delicious aroma. Available as Fior di Latte approx. 500 g (delivered in a bag without water). Best served at room temperature. Ready to eat right away.

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Røkt Sørlandsk Mozzarella fra Osteverkstedet