Cheese talk

Brown cheese in Korea

The Koreans have opened their eyes to the beautiful brown cheese from Heidal. Not as a topping on a slice of bread, but as a flavor enhancer and for baking. The cheese, which turned 100 years old last year, has become a trend among Soul's foodies.

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Budeia on Fagerdalen

At Fagerdalen støl, you get real sederkost with more than 300 years of traditions. The seat has been in Anne-Lise Søndrol's family since 1702 and is located peacefully and beautifully with a view of the Hallingskarvet. Among other things, non-traveled food and white cheese are served and sold here - a specialty you can hardly find anywhere else.

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Geitene til Den Sorte Gryte bak geitost skiltet

The Black Cauldron

Brunost in the old fashion – The Black Pot Photo: Lars Prytz The Black Pot Gårdsysteriet The...

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From Tingvoll to Spain

Enric Canut himself sat on the jury when the blue cheese from Tingvoll was named super winner of World Cheese
Awards (WCA) in 2016. The following year he personally made the trip up to Tingvoll to secure an import agreement
with the world champion.

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Håøya – an oasis in the Oslofjord

Håøya is like a hidden oasis in the Oslofjord with Oscarsborg as its nearest neighbour. There is no electricity on the island and for many years the vegetation has been allowed to grow wild. For a time, deer and ticks ruled the uninhabited area. Since 2011, however, Helge Haugen's cashmere goats have made a real grazing effort to reclaim the unique cultural landscape.
Three years later, Håøya Naturverksted's adventurous history begins.

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What happened to goat milk?

Norwegian goats have been through a unique journey that took 15 years to complete. Tove Aaland from Aalan
Gård, tells of the long and laborious journey.

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Husfrua på Gangstad Gårdsysteri

The country's first authorized farm dairy

The country's first authorized farm dairy - Gangstad Gårdsysteri Gangstad Gårdsysteri represents the country's first authorized farm dairy for...

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Norwegian Christmas cheeses

British Stilton and Dutch Edam have traditionally been considered Christmas cheese classics. However, there are good reasons to choose Norwegian. Here are suggestions for Norwegian cheeses that outshine their foreign relatives.

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Cheese professor Siv Skeie

She researches milk quality, dairy production and quality of dairy products. Siv Skeie is particularly interested in cheese ripening and the role of microorganisms during cheese ripening. She is also the country's only cheese professor...

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At Sparstad Stølen, you can experience stølen the old-fashioned way with hand milking, hand-powered chinning and cheese making over a wood-fired oven. You can also sleep in the old shed and wake up to the sound of cows grazing peacefully around the house wall. It's like taking a time travel into a beautiful fairy tale.

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