Recipe for cheesecake made from fresh cheese and soft cheese with mullet by farm team chef Mette Julius Evensen, Farm team chef 2022-23

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Pizza Bianco with Norwegian apples and caramelized walnuts

White pizza, or pizza bianca, may not be as well known as the traditional tomato sauce pizza, but it is at least as good.

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Truffles with Christmas brown cheese:

Simple and good: Truffles with Christmas brown cheese.

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Taco med brunost

Bruno's Taco

Brunosttaco Fridaystaco is a staple on the menu in many homes. The…

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Brown cheese pizza

Brown cheese pizza Ingredients: 3 dl milk 50 g dairy butter 25 g...

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Hamburger med brunost

Game burger with brown cheese

Game burger with brown cheese This juicy burger tastes like "game meat" and must…

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Lamb chops with brown cheese and herbs

Nevada Berg's recipe for lamb chops with brown cheese and herbs

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Bruno risotto

Brunostrisotto Do you want a new taste experience with risotto? A risotto…

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White chocolate confection with Christmas brown cheese cream

Make simple white chocolate confections with Christmas brown cheese cream
(approx. 36 pieces of confectionery)

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Bløtkake med brunost

Soft cake with brown cheese

Photo: Ane Nordvik Hasselberg, Gry Nordvik Karlsen. Soft cake with brown cheese…

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