Sørlandsk ricotta

Sørlandsk ricotta fra Osteverkstedet

This mild whey cheese is soft like a Southern consonant and makes people close their eyes when they taste it. Some use it in ravioli. Others wait until dessert. Also try Southern Ricotta with honey and roasted nuts if you can.

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Sørlandsk mozzarella ristorante


Have you eaten real, unpasteurized mozzarella before? With a little olive oil and salt on top? It is an experience out of the ordinary. Use it on bruschetta, in salads, on pizza or with strawberries, but also try Sørlandsk Mozzarella Ristorante on its own. It's like giving your taste buds a hug. Fresh cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk and run with the pasta filata method. Porcelain white and semi-soft with a thin crust. When the cheese is cut, "latticello" oozes out, a whitish liquid with a delicious aroma. Available in several sizes - Fior di Latte approx. 500 g (supplied in a bag), Bocconcini approx. 250 g (supplied in a cup), plates (to make mozzarella rolls), knots or other shapes and varieties by agreement. A smoked version is also available

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Sørlandsk Mozzarella Pizzeria

Sørlandsk Mozzarella Pizzeria fra Osteverkstedet

Variation of our well-known Ristorante line and developed for the best result on your Pizza. Sørlandsk Mozzarella Pizzeria is a product made from 100% Norwegian milk that will leave you and your customers speechless. Thanks to its long shape and a firmer and drier texture, it is much easier to divide into pieces. You save a lot of preparation time either by using a knife or a professional cutter. Due to the lower moisture content, the shelf life is extended, still without preservatives.

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Small-scale cheese workshop established in 2013 by Andrea Maggioni, originally from Milan, Italy. Andrea got his cheese education from northern Italy and has worked at a dairy in Puglia in southern Italy. He has brought with him the best recipes from Mimmo, a local cheesemaker in Oria (Manduria), and makes cheese by hand according to old Italian traditions, with Norwegian milk.

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Sørlandsk Stracciatella

Sørlandsk Stracciatella fra Osteverkstedet

Most people know Burrata, the queen of all cheeses in Italy. Stracciatella is the heart of Burrata. It is made from shredded Southern Mozzarella mixed with cream. Eaten together with salty or sweet, and tastes fantastic with cured meats and strawberries. Delicious!

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Røkt Sørlandsk Mozzarella

Røkt Sørlandsk Mozzarella fra Osteverkstedet

Think of Sørlandsk Mozzarella, and add that little something extra – smoky flavor. A delicious and unexpected change in salad, hamburger, pizza etc. Guaranteed success!

Fresh cheese made from unpasteurized cow's milk and run with the pasta filata method

Yellow surface after the smoking process

Velvety soft cheese with a high moisture content

Smoked and slightly salty taste

When the cheese is cut, "latticello", a whitish liquid with a delicious aroma, oozes out

Available as Fior di Latte approx. 500 g (supplied in a bag without water)

Should be tempered before serving

Ready to eat immediately

Shipped or collected immediately after production, shelf life for 8 days

Produced to order

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