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Ticket to the Oste WC 2023

Tickets for this year's big happening are now out!

4,500 cheeses from all over the world come to Trondheim Spektrum to take part in the World Cheese Awards competition, where the world's best cheese 2023 will be chosen. This is one of the world's largest competitions of its kind. All the best and most famous cheeses we know from France, Spain, England and so on are included in this competition. Norwegian cheeses have won twice. Will it happen again?

This opportunity will not come again. So here, all you have to do is buy tickets to get the whole world's cheese diversity when it comes to Trondheim in Spektrum on 27 and 28 October.

Podcast about cheese

What's with old cheese? Kristin has a suitcase with cheese. Kristin Glück Teigland is the daily hostess at Fagerheim Fjellstue on Hardangervidda with her husband. And if you ask her about aged cheese, Norwegian cultural heritage and processing of milk, then you should set aside some time. You simply do not want to miss this episode!

Listen to it here

Cheese WC to Trondheim in 2023

The Cheese World Cup starts in Trondheim on 26-28. October 2023. It is organized by HANEN in collaboration with Oi! Trønder Food and Drink and Norwegian Gardsost.

Over 4,000 cheeses fight for the title, 250 judges decide!

Stay up-to-date about the Oste WC here!