Brun geitost

TRADISJONSOST Brun geitost Produsent: Veitastrond Gardsysteri Type: Tradisjonsost Melk: Geitemelk Beskrivelse:  Osten er kokt på myse frå geitemjølk, geitemjølk og osteløype. Smakar godt på brødskiva, vafler og i gryter. Utsalgssted: Gardsutsal, Spar Hafslo, Bakar Jon Byrkjelo, Sognasmak FLERE PRODUKTER FRA VEITASTROND GARDSYSTERI

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Brun Geitost Prestholt

Brun Geitost

Prestholt Geitost is the flagship of Prestholt and the base for the entire operation. This is a traditional full-fat, brown goat's cheese type that originates from Osterøy in Western Norway, where Tim's mother learned the cheese trade. Prestholt Goat cheese is made from steaming fresh goat's milk, less than half an hour old, and it is made from both stable milk and winter milk. This is also an award-winning cheese, which has received two gold and one silver medal in the NM in farm cheese.

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Tørresvangen brunost

Brunost fra Tørresvangen

An old traditional product. Is distinctive within the brown cheese world. No wax or added anything. Only pure goat's milk, boil for a long time. Wood-fired. Gets a round and extra caramelised taste. Long shelf life and can be frozen. Placed No. 2 under World Cheese in 2018, Bergen. A round and nice goat flavour. A caramel-like taste, with hints of salt and smoke. Melts in the mouth and the taste profile is rich.

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TRADITIONAL CHEESE Gubb Manufacturer: Avdem Gardsysteri Type: Traditional cheese Milk: Cow's milk Taste: Mild taste of brown cheese, as this is boiled milk - where the cheese substance is included. Description: Gubb is a firm-gum variant with a sweet taste of brown cheese, but also with bits of cheese material in it. Simply put, it is a mixture of brown cheese and white cheese, cooked in whole milk.…

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Brimost frå Sogn

Brunost frå Skjerdal

It is cooked on the whey that remains after curdling the white goat's cheese. Bri cheese was for a long time the main product on the surrounding farms and was the cheese known as "goat cheese".

Bri cheese is well suited for toppings on good bread, waffles and milk cakes.

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BRUNOST Huldreost Produsent: Avdem Gardsysteri Type: Brunost Melk: Kumelk Smak: Osten har ein forførande karakteristisk og kraftig smak. Beskrivelse: Huldreost – fjellsmak til festbordet – er ein brunost utanom det vanlege, med fjellurtene einebær og kvann og norsk akevitt. Kokt på kumyse frå Fjelldronning-ysting i spedd vår eigen fløyte. Produktet passar perfekt på havrekjeks, som…

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