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White chocolate confection with Christmas brown cheese cream

(approx. 36 pieces of confectionery)

Brown cheese cream

400 g white chocolate
50 g Christmas brown cheese
20 g dairy butter
125 g TINE Kremgo Natural
1.5 dl icing sugar

This is what you do:

 Chop the chocolate into pieces and melt over a water bath by placing a glass or metal bowl over a pan of boiling water. The bottom of the bowl must not touch the water and make sure that steam does not get into the chocolate, as it will become grainy. Stir with a spatula as you go. A water bath is a gentle way to heat chocolate.

 Cool the chocolate slightly, so it is lukewarm. Pour the chocolate into an ice-cold confectionery mold, preferably made of silicone, and tilt the mold around so that the chocolate is distributed well along the edges and in all the spaces. Pour off the excess chocolate so that only the bottom and walls are covered. Put the mold(s) in the cold for at least 1 hour.

 Melt the butter in a small saucepan and add the brown cheese. Stir until soft and melted. If the mixture separates or if it does not melt completely, you can run it smoothly with a stick blender.

Beat room-temperature cream cheese, icing sugar and the brown cheese mixture to a smooth and smooth cream in a food processor with a balloon whisk.


 Fill the sweets with brown cheese cream, preferably using a piping bag. Do not fill up completely because there must be room for the chocolate lid. Heat and pour over the rest of the melted chocolate. Smooth over the surface so it is even.


 Leave to cool for at least 1 hour, make sure the chocolate is hard all the way through and press the pieces out of the moulds. Feel free to pack them in boxes or paper bags if you are going to give them as a gift, but keep the confectionery cool.

Recipe: tine.no