Brown goat cheese

Foto: Ostebygda/Emile Holba
Photo: Ostebygda/Emile Holba
  • Producer: Prestholt Goat cheese
  • Type: Brown cheese
  • Milk: Goat
  • Taste: Strong and sweet taste
  • Description: Brown goat's cheese cooked in an open steel pot with a copper bottom over an open flame, made from goat's whey, goat's milk and goat's whistle.
    Heavy cold stirred, hand kneaded, hand polished and hand dipped in wax. Produced from March - December. In July and August, it is produced on the stølen at Prestholt, the rest of the year it is produced on the farm. Production is now in the 4th generation with the 5th generation in training
  • Outlet: Bondens Marked, Hol Ysteri, Spar Geilo and Joker Ustaoset.