The sky pan


The sky pan

Himmelspannet ost from Hemsedal is handmade locally produced cheese based on milk from cows and goats. The animals graze in idyllic mountain areas and the cheeses are made in our premises in the center of Hemsedal. We are passionate about taking care of and continuing the village's long traditions of stølslife and cheese making - a fantastic starting point for good cheese! The cheeses have their names from famous mountain peaks and landmarks in Hemsedal.

Story about Himmelspannet: "On the stilts in Hemsedal, in really old times, it happened that in the morning the stewards discovered that some of the milk had mysteriously disappeared. The legend said that the hill people had been there, and that the best milk ended up in Himmelspannet for shelter of the darkness of the night. We have found the Himmelspannet! It contains milk from goats and cows that have grazed between mighty mountains and under a big sky, far into the mountains. Now the milk from the Himmelspannet is made into the most wonderful cheeses. This is how the adventure can continue.. ."

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Photo: Himmelspannet


Address: Rampa, Hemsedalsvegen 2955, 3560 Hemsedal

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