Hvit Geitost

FAST CHEST Snertingdal Ysteri White goat's cheese Manufacturer: Snertingdal Ysteri Type: Hard cheese Milk: Pasteurized goat's milk Storage time: Intermediate storage Taste: Lovely taste of fresh goat's milk, straight from a farm Description: Short-aged goat's milk from Etnedal. Happy goats getting their treat when they are milked. The taste of the cheese bears the stamp of happy goats. Outlet: Own farm outlet. MORE PRODUCTS FROM SNERTINGDAL YSTERI STASLIN Snertingdal Ysteri...

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Leigrøv 1242

Leirgrøv 1242

Leirgrøv is a white goat's cheese that is made based on lactose-thin production. Leirgrøvostane is named after the stable Leirgrøv. The stølsmjølk type is therefore only prepared in the summer. Goat's milk takes a lot of flavor from the goat's feed, and the goat likes food with flavor in it. That's why the goat's milk diet is stronger in taste and gives the impression of the goat's favorite food - herbs, willows and mountain flowers. Cow's milk from støl is often yellow-coloured by carotene, but goat's milk does not contain carotene, and turns bright green from all the goodies on the mountain pasture. Therefore Leirgrøv colostrum can be light green in colour. Leirgrøv 1242 is stored for a minimum of 12 months.

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Sognakvitost Mellomlagra

Sognakvitost fra Undredal Stølsysteri

The parish kvitosten is a semi-solid white goat's cheese made from freshly strained (unpasteurized) goat's milk, acid culture and rennet.

This cheese represents a tradition that is common to the inner parishes. That's why we call our unsalted kvitost variant Sognakvitost. Sognakvit cheese was, and is, used in the daily diet for dinner and salty food, especially by the older sogs.

The cheese is available in three degrees of maturity: new age (2-3 months), medium age (3-6 months) and well age (6-12 months). It should be kept cool, well wrapped or under a cheesecloth. Temperate before the meal.

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Bukkeblå fra Sæterstad Gård

Bukkeblå is made from goat's milk, where parts of the milk are separated to get cream for our brown goat's cheese. This is therefore a lean type of blue cheese. It is still flavorful and full-bodied, but firm and mild.

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Sæterstad Kvit Geitost

Sæterstad Kvit Geitost

This is a firm, dry well-aged goat's cheese, 9 months and older. A slightly leaner type as parts of the milk are separated to have cream for our brown cheese. Often described as similar to Manchego and Parmesan by customers, due to how well aged it is.

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Rød Geit

Rød Geit fra Rueslåtten Ysteri

Rød Geit is a semi-solid red cheese made from pure goat's milk. The red cat that the cheese is
wrapped in, is washed with salt water, which gives a good and slightly salty putty taste. Red
Geit has participated in the WC in cheese twice, in 2017 and 2018, and won a bronze medal
both times.

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Cubed cheese

Kubbeost fra Rueslåtten Ysteri

The cube cheese made from goat's milk is a mature cream cheese, which is matured with milk mushrooms. This type of cheese is often called chevre. The cheese won a bronze medal in the World Cheese Championship in 2018. The wooden barrels on which Kubbeostane rests are made in collaboration with Vinn Hallingdal. The trefjølen are a part of the local value creation. Important for the cheese, the farmer and the environment.

What about cutting a good slice and heating it for a couple of minutes in the oven, and serving with blackcurrant syrup and some hazelnuts dipped in hot sugar?

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