Leigrøv 1242


Leigrøv 1242

ProducerPrestholt Geitost
Type: Hard cheese
Milk: Pasteurised goat's milk

Flavour: Rich flavour, with notes of the goats’ favourite food - herbs, willows and mountain flowers.

Description: Leirgrøv 1242 is made of milk from Prestholt Geitestøl (Prestholt Goat Mountain Farm) which is located 1242 meters above sea level, below the foot of Hallingskarvet National Park. The cheese is produced from July to August when it is possible to be there for people and animals. Since it is located very high above sea level, different types of plants flower at different times, which means that the flavour of the cheese varies a lot from one batch to another. Everything from willow, juniper, blueberry heather, crowberries, mushrooms, flowers and reindeer lichen. Well-matured (minimum 12 months) The cheese won gold in the Norwegian Cheese Championships in 2021.

Retailers: Bondens Marked (Farmers' Market), Joker Ustaoset and Hol Ysteri

Leirgrøv 1242