Cheese projects


Gjennom Bygdeturisme og gardsmatorganisasjonen HANEN har vi hatt mange spennende prosjekter. Flere ganger har vi fått jobbe med norske osteprodusenter og Norsk Gardsost. Her kan du se litt mer om tidligere prosjekter.


After a study trip in San Sebastian, Spain, where we witnessed the great event that the Norwegian blue cheese Kraftkar was not only named the world's best cheese, but also the world's best cheese of all time, we decided it was time to increase our focus on Norwegian cheese. With support from Innovation Norway, sponsors and Norsk Gardsost, we have worked a lot with Norwegian cheese. Here you can see a bit about our cheese projects.

Cheese WC Bergen 2018

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NM in cheese Oslo 2021

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Norsk Restaurantskole

Chef's sprouts

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Skill development

Over the past 10 years, a cheese revolution has taken place. The quality of Norwegian cheese is world-class. The selection of Norwegian cheese in restaurants and groceries has gone from almost non-existent to abundant. Today's cheese representatives and tomorrow's chefs, waiters and producers are important ambassadors for Norwegian cheese. We want to contribute to increased expertise in Norwegian cheese.

Important partners in our work with cheese

In our work to promote Norwegian cheese and Norwegian cheese producers, we have had partners with us who have been absolutely decisive for the results we have achieved. We have experienced a generosity and a spirit of service for Norwegian cheese products that we have not seen before. We would like to thank for the cooperation: Norsk gardsost, Innovation Norge, TINE, Meny, Coop Mega, Rema 1000 and Oluf Lorentzen. Last but not least, we would like to extend a special thank you to Winther Ysteri and Frogner Special for their generosity and commitment.