Hindrum Gårdsysteri

Hindrum Gårdsysteri

Hindrum Gårdsysteri is a farm dairy in the village of Hindrem in Fosen. Hindrum Nedre gård (Lower Hindrum farm) has been involved in organic milk production since 2009, and the farm dairy has been in production since 2014. We are passionate about handmade, locally sourced organic food, and with our cheese we want to contribute to a more varied and quality-oriented food production in Trøndelag. Our cheeses are mainly hard cheeses, made with inspiration from the big world, but adapted to Norwegian conditions.

We love to experiment with new cheeses and always seek to continue our development. We produce organic cheeses made from our own unpasteurized milk. Bandage-matured cheddar, cheshire, beer-marinated cheeses such as porter-cheddar, stout-jack, IPA-jack and Christmas beer-jack, matured feta and Hindrum jack (our version of Monterey Jack).

Hindrum Gårdsysteri

Hindrum Gårdsysteri:

Address: Hindremsvegen 84
Telephone: 47238805

Email: hindrumgardsysteri@gmail.com

Website: See our page on Facebook.

Farm shop: Yes - all year round when we are at home, which we usually are.