Bygdø Kongsgård ysteri

Bygdø Kongsgård ysteri

Bygdø Kongsgård is Oslo's largest organic milk producer. They have a farmyard open to visitors, a riding school, organic food production and a garden centre. The farm has in the past been a monastic estate, a manor farm under Akershus Fortress, and has been the summer residence of the King and Queen since 1905.

At Bygdø Kongsgård, we run a small craft dairy, which is Oslo's only farm dairy. We sell the cheese and fresh dairy products to local shops and restaurants, and we serve our own products at Gartneriet (the garden centre). All products are organic and certified by Debio. Except for the yogurt, all products are unpasteurised.


Bygdø Kongsgård ysteri:

Address: Bygdøyveien
Telephone: +47 98035330

Farm shop: Yes, open in the dairy