Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli

Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli is a fresh goat's cheese developed locally at Haukeli - a unique craft with a sour and mild taste.

Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli can be enjoyed alone or used to add an extra edge to food.

How about trying chicken fajitas with chevre for dinner?

Chevren is perfect in dips, sauces and soups.

Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli has been honored with the Specialty Mark "Unique Taste" from Matmerk.

Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli is part of the Norwegian Cheese Specialties series, a collection of Norwegian cheese treasures from defined geographical areas with distinctive histories and soul. The cheeses are of high quality, good craftsmanship, unique and rich in flavour.

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Hardanger steikeost


FRESH KOST Hardanger Steikeost Manufacturer: Hardanger Bygdeysteri Type: Fresh cheese Milk: Cow's milk Taste: Mild, sour taste Description: Hardanger steikeost is inspired by the Cypriot cheese halloumi. Cut into slices, feel free to add flavor as desired and fry or grill. Goes well with burgers, salads, tapas and woks. The cheese is rich in protein and is often used as an alternative to…

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Prosten is a mature goat's milk cream cheese, what Norwegians like to call chevre. This is made all year round, both from stølsmjøl and winter milk. The provost had the name Presten earlier, after the former (old) priest in Ostebygda, who has now become Provost. He is fond of cooking and very enthusiastic about cheese, and he likes to preach the good news about local cheese making and locally produced cheese.

How about heating the whole cheese in the oven at 200 degrees for 4 minutes? Served with a sweet accompaniment.

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Sognakvitost Mellomlagra

Sognakvitost fra Undredal Stølsysteri

The parish kvitosten is a semi-solid white goat's cheese made from freshly strained (unpasteurized) goat's milk, acid culture and rennet.

This cheese represents a tradition that is common to the inner parishes. That's why we call our unsalted kvitost variant Sognakvitost. Sognakvit cheese was, and is, used in the daily diet for dinner and salty food, especially by the older sogs.

The cheese is available in three degrees of maturity: new age (2-3 months), medium age (3-6 months) and well age (6-12 months). It should be kept cool, well wrapped or under a cheesecloth. Temperate before the meal.

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Store Velten

Store Velten fra Rueslåtten Ysteri

The StoreVelten is a large, solid, unpasteurized one
aged cheese made from pure, raw cow's milk. The StoreVelten is sold as a complete wheel of 15 kilos. The taste is mild and fine and becomes stronger with long-term storage. He has been stored for at least six months.

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Lord Garvagh

Lord Garvagh fra Rueslåtten Ysteri

Lord Garvagh has a lot in common with the Red Goat, except that he is made of pure cow's milk. Lord Garvagh is a pasteurized, semi-firm red whale cheese that has been washed in salt water. The cheese tastes best if it is allowed to sit for at least a couple of months. He inherited the name from the British nobleman Lord Garvagh, who thrived well in the mountain home in the area in the very old days.

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Ryfylkegome has a spreadable to slightly firm consistency and has a fresh, slightly sour and sweet caramel-like taste.

Roll plenty of gum into lefsers, lomps and waffles and serve for breakfast, lunch or with coffee. Lefse med gomme is good and nutritious food. Ryfylkegome is also good as a spread on sandwiches.

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Norvegia Original

Norvegia Original

Norvegia® Original is stored for about 3 months before it finds its way to your fridge. The taste is mild, slightly sour and aromatic, and the cheese has small holes. Norvegia® Original is a classic as a topping on both bread and crispbread - preferably on its own, but also with ham, paprika or a delicious marmalade. Norvegia® has good melting properties and a flexible consistency that makes it easy to slice, grate or cut into cubes. Norvegia® is a flavor enhancer that adds a little something extra to both cold and hot dishes.

Norvegia® is a classic in Norwegian fridges, and Norway's most eaten cheese. Everyone has a relationship with the mild good taste of Norvegia®, and for the vast majority of us this is a good relationship that lasts a lifetime. Norvegia® Original has a mild and round taste that "everyone likes with everything" and is just as good on a slice of bread as it is with a delicious homemade pizza.

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