Ridder Pascale Baudonnel

Hun blir kalt nestoren, ystedronningen og selve drivkraften bak norsktradisjonell gårdsysting. Yster, lærer og bonde Pascale Baudonnel er nå utnevnt til ridder av den franske fortjenstordenen. Her er litt om hennes historie.

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Ridder® is a semi-firm, putty-ripened cheese with an exceptionally rich taste and aroma. It has a light yellow, silky texture and a supple consistency which, together with the orange-yellow surface, gives a delicious and inviting appearance.

A very special bacterial culture is applied to the cheese before it is left to ripen for approx. two weeks. This means that the bacterial culture works its way into the cheese during storage and gives the cheese the distinctive character and taste that Ridder® is so famous for.

Ridder® goes well with dark and light bread, with sweet and salty biscuits as well as with fruit and vegetables. Feel free to use Ridder® as a snack on its own, or as an ingredient in salads.

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