Nevada Berg

Nevada Berg

Vi snakket med Nevada Berg før Oste-VM i Bergen 2018 da han skulle være med som dommer. Her er hva hun sa da. Møt Nevada Berg som er født i Amerika og bosatt i Numedal hvor hun bor sammen med mann og sønn. Hennes blogg, North Wild Kitchen, ble belønnet med Blog of the Year and Best New Voice av Saveur magazine i 2016. Nevada har nylig utgitt sin første kokebok i Norge, kalt Nevadas Kjøkken. Boken er tilgjengelig på engelsk og tysk og ble valgt til en av vårens beste kokebøker av New York Times, i 2018.


- Hvordan er det å skulle være dommer i Oste-VM, en av de viktigste konkurranser for ost i verden? - Oste-VM is an incredibly important platform for the recognition of the work and quality that goes into cheesemaking across the world. It also enables the sharing of ideas, innovation, and processes that might not be shared across borders without an arena to do so. To be a part of such an exciting and important event for cheesemakers around the world is incredible and I look forward to tasting the cheeses and meeting those who’s cheeses are being presented.

- Hva kan være verdien av at Oste-VM arrangeres i Norge? - Having the cheese awards in Norway will most certainly play a role in lifting the global awareness of Norwegian cheese. It also shows how far Norway has come in the world cheese arena – being put on the map and being recognized for its quality cheeses and unique variations. Not to mention, it may also help bring the world of cheese to the Norwegian plate in an increasing manner.

- Hvordan kan vi inspireres til å smake nye norske oster? - The more we engage the community and broaden the conversation to all the different kinds of cheeses and aging processes will hopefully inspire more people to want to taste and learn about cheese made here in Norway. Also, the more knowledge we have about how to use the different types of cheese, whether it be serving or cooking with it, will make it easier for people to try something new. A few recipes and serving suggestions are a great help when it comes to inspiration.

- Hva er ditt beste osteminne? - Recently, I met with some Norwegian dairy farmers and was able to hear about their stories and how they produce the milk which is used to make cheese in their local areas. Afterwards, I got to taste those cheeses with the spectacular Norwegian landscape as my backdrop. It felt so much more significant to have seen and understood the whole journey of the cheese production. Not only were the cheeses fantastic on their own, but they were so much more special because of my close interaction with the process.

- Hva er ditt beste serveringstips til ost? - Be open and experimental. There is so much variation in flavor that it is important to play around and find what pairs well with each cheese – especially tastes that might not traditionally be paired with a specific cheese. Think beyond jams to spices, meats, drinks and, of course, news ways of serving it. Cheese is also great for a quick and simple meal, so take some along on your hikes, to the bålpanne, to the hytte, and in your lunchbox.