Tørresvangen Gårdsysteri

Tørresvangen Gårdsysteri

Tørresvangen Gårdsysteri produces dairy products from goats with its own shop in the farmyard. Here you can pay with cash, card and the Vipps app. We also have the option of self-service shopping with Vipps and cash at any time. We are open around the clock 7 days a week.
In the shop you will find brown goat’s cheese, feta cheese, pultost (traditional cheese) and butter from the dairy, young goat meat from the farm, spekemorr (traditional cured sausage) with goat meat, among other things, and eggs from the farm's hens. To create a little diversity in the shop, we also have some food products from other local producers.
Tørresvangen Gårdsysteri

Tørresvangen Gårdsysteri:

Address: Tørresvangen 18, 2500 Tynset
Telephone: 952 75 102
Email: marianne-ronning@hotmail.com
Website: torresvangen.no

Farm shop: Yes