Rødlin fra Tjamsland Gård

WC Silver 2018
Rødlin is loved both by customers at markets and by chefs in restaurants. The cheese is a semi-firm red cheese made according to an Appenzeller recipe from Sweits.
In the autumn of 2017, we were awarded the specialty brand UNIK SMAK at Rødlin. The jury stated:
• This cheese was actually much better than the Appenzeller (we tasted it against the Appenzeller aged 3 months)
• Beautiful cheese - there was a lot of craftsmanship and love!!
Rødlin is very good on bread, but in the home country the cheese is considered very good grated cheese.

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Hamarsbøen Røykt kvitost

FASTOST Hamarsbøen Smoked white cheese Producer: Hamarsbøen Gard Type: Hard cheese Milk: Cow Storage time: Intermediate storage (at least 3 months) Taste: Mild and smoked Description: Hamarsbøen white cheese, store at least 3 months. which is mildly smoked with cold smoke. After smoking, the cheese wheel is vacuum packed and stored for at least 1 week to distribute the smoke flavor in the wheel. This cheese received a silver medal at the WC 2019...

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