Sognakvitost Mellomlagra

Sognakvitost fra Undredal Stølsysteri

The parish kvitosten is a semi-solid white goat's cheese made from freshly strained (unpasteurized) goat's milk, acid culture and rennet.

This cheese represents a tradition that is common to the inner parishes. That's why we call our unsalted kvitost variant Sognakvitost. Sognakvit cheese was, and is, used in the daily diet for dinner and salty food, especially by the older sogs.

The cheese is available in three degrees of maturity: new age (2-3 months), medium age (3-6 months) and well age (6-12 months). It should be kept cool, well wrapped or under a cheesecloth. Temperate before the meal.

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St. Paul

St. paul fra Rueslåtten Ysteri

St. Pål is similar to StoreVelten, made with equal parts cow's and goat's milk. The goat's milk from Øvrejorde makes St. Pål stronger in taste and also causes him to mature a little faster. He has been stored for at least six months.

How about tearing a little St. Pål and i
Sunday omelette?

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Cubed cheese

Kubbeost fra Rueslåtten Ysteri

The cube cheese made from goat's milk is a mature cream cheese, which is matured with milk mushrooms. This type of cheese is often called chevre. The cheese won a bronze medal in the World Cheese Championship in 2018. The wooden barrels on which Kubbeostane rests are made in collaboration with Vinn Hallingdal. The trefjølen are a part of the local value creation. Important for the cheese, the farmer and the environment.

What about cutting a good slice and heating it for a couple of minutes in the oven, and serving with blackcurrant syrup and some hazelnuts dipped in hot sugar?

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Halloumi fra Lofoten Gårdsysteri

A halloumi type of cheese made from fresh goat's milk. A tasty cheese that is perfect for grilling and frying

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Kvitost frå Skjerdal

Kvitost frå Skjerdal

White cheese from Skjerdal is a semi-hard cheese, made from fresh unpasteurized goat's milk.

We cheese after milking both morning and evening. The cheese is mixed with soap and pressed by hand in traditional, made cheese boxes (cheese forms) in various sizes from 1.5-3 kg. Traditionally, the cheese was unsalted and we still make a good portion of that type. In addition, we have a salty version and a version with added caraway.

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Heilfeit brun geitost

Heilfeit brun geitost fra Stordalen Gardsbruk

Suitable for tapas, cheese platters, glazing steaks, in sauces, cakes and desserts, as on waffles or slices of wholemeal bread. This is a unique taste experience in the brown cheese world. Known as the dark, almost black brown cheese! The cheese has received recognition and awards, from the public and national exhibitions - NM, World Cheese 2018 with gold medal and super gold, and became No. 2 in the world.

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Hvit geitost

Hvit geitost fra Setane Gardsysteri

White goat cheese that is stored for a minimum of three months. After three months, the cheese is milky white, acidic and firm, and can be used as a spread, for finger food and as a grilled cheese.

After six months the cheese has hardened and gained more character and is then suitable as finger food and as grated cheese.

After a year, the cheese has crystallized and developed a lot of flavor, and is suitable as a finger food for wine, cured meats etc.

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Frøya fra Strømmen gård

Semi-hard white goat cheese packed and matured with herbs. We use it as a spread or in the salad. We use and grill Frøya and use it as an accompaniment to food or as a substitute for meat.

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Strømmen Gård

Semi-hard white goat's cheese that we use on slices of bread or on biscuits, try it with a little honey or rhubarb jam.

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