Rød Kjerringøy

Rød kjerringøy

Rødkittost, which is made from completely fresh colostrum. This cheese is produced in late autumn and winter. After curdling, the cheese is placed in the ripening cellar where it is washed with a salt water solution. This gives the cheese its characteristic taste.

The cheeses are stored on wooden boards. The red whale cheeses are washed with brine three times a week for the first month. When the red putty layer is well established, the washing is finished. All the cheeses are turned three times a week and it is assessed how far the ripening has progressed. This will vary with the seasons both due to variation in the milk and due to variation in the temperature in the warehouse. This means that there will be a difference in the cheeses depending on when they were cheesed. The Rødkit cheeses therefore require a greater effort in storage than the other cheeses. Our goal is a soft and delicate structure with a well-developed aroma.

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