Ryfylke Gardsysteri

Our names are Hilde and Joar Hauge, and we run Ryfylke Gardsysteri and live in Fister in Ryfylke. Here, we have dairy cows and free-range chickens.

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Rabben Pøyg

Rabben Pøyg fra Ryfylke gardsysteri

Rabben Pøyg is an unpasteurized semi-hard cheese stored for 2-3 months. Rabben is the name of where the cheese factory stands, it means a lumpy, round terrain formation, like a cheese. Pøyg is a dialect word that means a half-grown boy and I think it fits this, which is a young cheese with a lot of flavor. A versatile cheese that can be used for many things. Spreads, pizza or just as it is prepared with a glass of red wine, then the cheese is smooth like the red wine - best when it is tempered.

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