4 tips for the cheese lover

Oster fra Skarbø Gård

Photo: Christoph Aigner-Skarbø gard 4 things we wonder about cheese Do you eat the rind on the cheese? Don't be put off by their appearance: basically all cheese rinds are edible unless the cheese is covered in a layer of wax. On some cheeses, however, the rind is so hard that one bite can lead to a visit in the worst case...

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How to assemble a cheese platter


How to put together a cheese plate Gathering friends around a cheese table is both simple, pleasant and social. Setting out a delicious cheese platter means you can sit down and enjoy the company on an equal footing with your guests. You don't have to run to and from the kitchen to fill dishes. Everything can be done…

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What is a good drink for cheese?

Bord med ost og drikke

Tommy Andresen What should you drink with cheese? Before, it was cheese and red wine that mattered. Today, more and more people prefer white wine, beer, or maybe a sider? Most things go well, but here is inspiration for those of you who are looking for some extra good combinations. The tips for what to drink with cheese are…

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Siri's cheese tip

Siri lager burrata ost

Try something new and exciting with the classic pavlova.
Brown cheese in the meringue base will give a lovely caramel flavour, in addition to grated brown cheese over the berries on top of the cake. Here you will surely surprise and impress your guests. Make the meringue base the day before so you only have the decoration left before your guests arrive.

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Jan Arne's cheese tips

Dommer i NM i ost

Grate Parmesan cheese. Add a little turmeric for nice color. Place small piles of grated cheese on baking paper and bake at 180'C for about 15 minutes until the cheeses are flattened and golden. Perfect parmesan chips, or you can
crush them and use as a seasoning for everything from salads to steak dinners.

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