Bukkeblå fra Sæterstad Gård

Bukkeblå is made from goat's milk, where parts of the milk are separated to get cream for our brown goat's cheese. This is therefore a lean type of blue cheese. It is still flavorful and full-bodied, but firm and mild.

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Fornes gård

BLÅMUGGOST Blåstøyten Producer: Fornes Gård Type: Blue mold Milk: Unpasteurized cow's milk Taste: Mild Description: The cheese goes well with a piece of biscuit and the stronger heather honey, but also try it as a topping on a pizza. Outlet: See website for full overview.

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Blå Kjerringøy

Blå Kjerringøy

Lovely mild and flavorful blue cheese. The cheese has a golden curd with fine blue marbling and a dark outer crust.

There is an incredible range of taste, texture and shape within the blue mold family. In order for the blue mold to develop inside the cheese itself, it must be cheesed so that it has many cavities and in addition it must be "punched" or pierced after 10 - 12 days. At the same time, it must be stored so that it gets good air access during ripening. It is precisely the airy limestone caves that have made Roquefort famous for its blue cheeses. Our cheese is nowhere near as strong but has a great blue taste.

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Selbu Blå Mykere

Selbu blå mykere

Selbu Blå® Mykere is a soft, Norwegian blue cheese of very high quality, with a slightly milder taste than the original Selbu Blå® Smakfull, which makes it easy to like even for those who want to start a little cautiously with blue cheese.

The cheese is very versatile, as it can easily be spread on biscuits, crackers and bread with its spreadable texture. It can also be advantageously used in cooking, such as on pizza and in pies, as it gives the dishes an exciting boost of flavor without taking over the entire taste picture.

The cheese differs slightly from the others in the series with its crescent-shaped packaging.

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Svoger Bård

Svoger Bård fra Orkladal ysteri

Svoger Bård is a mild cheese that tastes like a lot of milk. Can be reminiscent of camembert in consistency and taste. Can be used on a slice of bread or on shortbread and biscuits.

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Blåmuggost Vismann

BLÅMUGGOST Vismann Producer: Tingvollost Type: Blue mold Milk: Pasteurized cow's milk Taste: Soft and mild taste of blue mold. By storing in the direction of the best-before date, the cheese can become firmer and more flavorful. Description: Vismann is often referred to as the little brother of Kraftkar, although Vismann was actually developed first by the two. Goes well with sweet accessories, nuts and honey.…

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