Munkeby Ysteri

In 2009, four Cistercian monks established themselves near some monastery ruins in Levanger. There, they live a life characterized by prayer and work, "Ora et labora". They started a small-scale dairy where they made cheese using old recipes from the mother monastery of Cîteaux in France.

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Munkeby Mariakloster

Red putty, Unpasteurized cow's milk.
Round and creamy, lots of aroma and a long aftertaste.

Monkeby is made by the monks according to a traditional recipe from the monastery of Cîteaux (France). It is hand-washed daily for a seven-week maturing period. The cheese is stored in the cellar on fir planks and is turned daily. The cheese has received several awards, including Super Gold at the 2018 Cheese Championship in Bergen.

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