Brun Geitost Prestholt

Brun Geitost

Prestholt Geitost is the flagship of Prestholt and the base for the entire operation. This is a traditional full-fat, brown goat's cheese type that originates from Osterøy in Western Norway, where Tim's mother learned the cheese trade. Prestholt Goat cheese is made from steaming fresh goat's milk, less than half an hour old, and it is made from both stable milk and winter milk. This is also an award-winning cheese, which has received two gold and one silver medal in the NM in farm cheese.

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FASTOST Huldreost Manufacturer: Avdem Gardsysteri Type: Brown cheese Milk: Cow's milk Taste: The cheese has a seductive, characteristic and strong taste. Description: Huldreost - mountain flavor for the festive table - is a brown cheese out of the ordinary, with the mountain herbs juniper and water and Norwegian aquavit. Cooked on cow's milk from Fjelldronning cheese in speared our own flute. The product is perfect for oat biscuits, which…

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Heilfeit brun geitost

Heilfeit brun geitost fra Stordalen Gardsbruk

Suitable for tapas, cheese platters, glazing steaks, in sauces, cakes and desserts, as on waffles or slices of wholemeal bread. This is a unique taste experience in the brown cheese world. Known as the dark, almost black brown cheese! The cheese has received recognition and awards, from the public and national exhibitions - NM, World Cheese 2018 with gold medal and super gold, and became No. 2 in the world.

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Kandal Ysteri

Kandalosten is a rich, brown goat's cheese made with goat's milk from our own goats.

All the processes take place here on the farm. The milk comes from our own goats, and everything from milking, separation, milking and cooking is done in the traditional way. We have converted an old power plant building into production premises.

Close to our cheese factory is Kandal's most beautiful waterfall, and therefore we have also set up the Ysteriparken, so that you can also enjoy the view, but also experience the animals and observe production, be close to what happens here with us.

When the cooking is finished, the cheese is stirred cold, then it is put into molds and cooled. Finished cheese is cut into pieces of one kilo and 500 grams. The cheese is then packed, or packaged as it is also called.

In the summer we also have Støylsost, then the goats go on the pasture all summer and the diversity of the pasture has an effect on the milk.

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Askelin - ekte brun geitost fra Selseng Gardsysteri

Askelin – real brown goat's cheese. Askelin is made according to an old recipe on the farm. It is cooked over wood, as we have always done here.

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Ekte brun geitost

Ekte brun geitost fra Solliaysteriet

TRADITIONAL CHEESE Real brown goat's cheese Manufacturer: Solliaysteriet Type: Brown cheese Milk: Goat Taste: The cheese is a strong real goat's cheese, sweet and slightly sour. Distinct taste of caramelized milk sugar. Description: As far as possible, the milk is separated directly in the milk room and the skimmed milk/skimmed milk arrives at 30 to 35 degrees Celcius in the transport tank. In the boiler, it is heated to approx.…

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Ekte Geitost

BRUNOST Genuine goat's cheese Manufacturer: Lega Gardsysteri Type: Brunost Milk: Goat Flavour: Mild taste of goat's milk Description: Bronost from LEGA is a genuine goat's cheese produced from fresh goat's milk according to an old recipe and tradition. Known for its bright color and mild taste. Real goat's cheese goes particularly well on a slice of bread, in sauces and other dishes or on apple cake.…

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Geitost frå Lygrepollen

Geitost fra Lygrepollen

Our cheese is made from milk from goats that is allowed to come out all year round. We do not feed them concentrate, but use some Norwegian grain as bait. The herd is grass and pasture fed. In winter, they get self-produced and purchased organic hay.

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