Brun geitost

TRADISJONSOST Brun geitost Produsent: Veitastrond Gardsysteri Type: Tradisjonsost Melk: Geitemelk Beskrivelse:  Osten er kokt på myse frå geitemjølk, geitemjølk og osteløype. Smakar godt på brødskiva, vafler og i gryter. Utsalgssted: Gardsutsal, Spar Hafslo, Bakar Jon Byrkjelo, Sognasmak FLERE PRODUKTER FRA VEITASTROND GARDSYSTERI

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Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli

Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli is a fresh goat's cheese developed locally at Haukeli - a unique craft with a sour and mild taste.

Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli can be enjoyed alone or used to add an extra edge to food.

How about trying chicken fajitas with chevre for dinner?

Chevren is perfect in dips, sauces and soups.

Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli has been honored with the Specialty Mark "Unique Taste" from Matmerk.

Norsk Chevre Naturell Haukeli is part of the Norwegian Cheese Specialties series, a collection of Norwegian cheese treasures from defined geographical areas with distinctive histories and soul. The cheeses are of high quality, good craftsmanship, unique and rich in flavour.

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Frisk bris

MYKOST Frisk Bris Manufacturer: Den Sorte Gryte Ysteri & Gårdsmat Type: Mykost Milk: Goat's milk Flavour: Mild taste at 3 weeks, tasty after 2 months Description: Frisk Bris is a brie type of goat's milk, stored for 3 weeks before sale, and has a shelf life of 2 .5 months It is sold in pieces of 100-200 grams. Outlet: Own farm outlet and selected…

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Salatost med kepaløk

SALAD CHEESE Salad cheese with kepal onion Manufacturer: Den Sorte Gryte Ysteri & Gårdsmat Type: Salad cheese Milk: Goat's milk Flavour: Mild flavor of goat cheese, kepal onion, oregano and rose pepper Description: We sell two types of salad cheese. Salad cheese with garlic (turquoise label) Salad cheese with kepa onion (green label) Both types are made from goat's milk, marinated in rapeseed oil and spices. Outlet: Own farm outlet and selected…

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Kremost Naturell og med Provenceurter

A fresh cheese made from fresh unpasteurized goat's milk. Lightly salted. natural or with spices from Aukrust Gard and Urteri. This cheese is absolutely lovely as a desert cheese with fresh berries or a good jam! Or classic with walnuts and honey!

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A matured cream cheese made from newly strained unpasteurised goat's milk. A cheese that should only be tasted! Fresh and exciting in taste. Delivered mild or slightly more mature for those who like it!

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