Prosten is a mature goat's milk cream cheese, what Norwegians like to call chevre. This is made all year round, both from stølsmjøl and winter milk. The provost had the name Presten earlier, after the former (old) priest in Ostebygda, who has now become Provost. He is fond of cooking and very enthusiastic about cheese, and he likes to preach the good news about local cheese making and locally produced cheese.

How about heating the whole cheese in the oven at 200 degrees for 4 minutes? Served with a sweet accompaniment.

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Sognakvitost Mellomlagra

Sognakvitost fra Undredal Stølsysteri

The parish kvitosten is a semi-solid white goat's cheese made from freshly strained (unpasteurized) goat's milk, acid culture and rennet.

This cheese represents a tradition that is common to the inner parishes. That's why we call our unsalted kvitost variant Sognakvitost. Sognakvit cheese was, and is, used in the daily diet for dinner and salty food, especially by the older sogs.

The cheese is available in three degrees of maturity: new age (2-3 months), medium age (3-6 months) and well age (6-12 months). It should be kept cool, well wrapped or under a cheesecloth. Temperate before the meal.

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Sunnmørssøst fra TINE

Sunnmørssøst has a fresh, sweet and caramel-like taste with a soft, slightly lumpy texture.

Serve plenty of Sunnmørssøst on waffles, lefs, lomps and potato cakes for breakfast, lunch or with coffee. Sunnmørssøst has traditionally been used on festive tables around the country. Sunnmørssøst is also good on bread for breakfast and dinner.

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Ryfylkegome has a spreadable to slightly firm consistency and has a fresh, slightly sour and sweet caramel-like taste.

Roll plenty of gum into lefsers, lomps and waffles and serve for breakfast, lunch or with coffee. Lefse med gomme is good and nutritious food. Ryfylkegome is also good as a spread on sandwiches.

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Norsk Cheddar

TINE® Norwegian Cheddar is characterized by a sour, slightly nutty taste, a golden orange color and a slightly porous texture that melts on the tongue. The cheese is made at TINE's dairy in Verdal. TINE® Norsk Cheddar has many uses, for example it is perfect for nachos, tacos and on pizza. A real taste enhancer!

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SALAD CHEESE Betaost Manufacturer: Avdem Gardsysteri Type: Salad cheese Milk: Unpasteurized cow's milk Taste: Fresh and full-bodied with hints of dried rowan berries and dill. Description: Cheese made from unpasteurised milk from our own cows. Salad cheese, cheese like a type of feta, cut into pieces and put in oil with herbs. Rich and fresh in salads and for other modern cooking. Outlet: Own farm outlet and…

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Mjuk kjerring

Mjuk kjerring fra Tveitakjerring - det vesle ysteriet på Tveit

FRESH KOST Soft curd Manufacturer: Tveita kerring Type: Fresh curd Milk: Goat's milk Taste: Soft and fresh. Description: You will never get tired of this one! Soft and fresh on your breakfast spoons, layered with honey and scrambled berries or on a pancake with honey and scrambled berries. Also goes well with salami or smoked salmon. The cheese won a silver medal at the NM cheese in...

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