SALAD CHEESE Betaost Manufacturer: Avdem Gardsysteri Type: Salad cheese Milk: Unpasteurized cow's milk Taste: Fresh and full-bodied with hints of dried rowan berries and dill. Description: Cheese made from unpasteurised milk from our own cows. Salad cheese, cheese like a type of feta, cut into pieces and put in oil with herbs. Rich and fresh in salads and for other modern cooking. Outlet: Own farm outlet and…

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Salad cheese

The salad cheese is our own Norwegian version of feta cheese, made from organic cow's milk. The cheese is matured in brine, which makes the cheese porous and rich in flavor, but at the same time mild. We make a natural salad cheese in blocks, and a diced salad cheese that is mixed in the organic rapeseed oil RO together with our own spice mix. The salad cheese is perfect in salads, on the tapas table or just as a snack.

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Bomstad Gård

FRESH KOST Troms-gjeta Producer: Bomstad Gård Type: Fresh food Storage time: Fresh/unripe Milk: Pasteurized goat's milk Flavour: Mild with a taste of garlic, pink pepper and dried parsley. Description: The cheeses are made from day-fresh milk from our own goats without any additives. Milk quality and good animal welfare are important elements on the farm. Cut the cheese into cubes and add garlic, rose pepper and dried parsley. Marinate…

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Fjellkvit fra Selseng Gardsysteri

I have Fjellkvit - salad cheese in 2 flavors and in 3 different sizes in cups/glasses.
The salad cheese is matured in brine. It is divided into cubes and lies in rapeseed oil.
Taste 1- thyme, oregano and basil
Flavor 2 – dried tomato and spring onion

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Jærsk Bedaost

SALAD CHEESE Jærsk Bedaost Manufacturer: Ystepikene Type: Salad cheese Milk: Pasteurized cow's milk Taste: A slightly firm salad cheese, fresh and slightly sour in taste. Tasty tomato with a bit of chewing resistance. Description: Jærsk Bedaost - the cheese that started the Ystepike dream. This is the type of feta that adds a little something extra to both salads, tapas and cured meats. It is also great as a snack, on…

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FRESKOST Knubbost Producer: Lega Gardsysteri Type: Fresh cheese Milk: Goat Storage time: Unripened Taste: Mild and good salad cheese Description: Knubbost is made from fresh morning goat's milk. We sell the natural package in plastic, in brine in buckets, or in pieces with spicy rapeseed oil in glass. In the glass I find paprika, garlic, pepper mix, a little dried tomato and parsley...

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Grindal fetatype

Grindal fetatype fra Grindal Ysteri

FRESH KOST Grindal feta type Manufacturer: Grindal Ysteri Type: Fresh cheese Milk: Unpasteurized cow's milk Storage time: Minimum 6 months. Taste: Rich, crisp, powerful and salty, yet balanced. Description: In South-Eastern Europe, it is common to make a sour cheese, with a crisp consistency, and mature it in barrels in brine. We have taken this technology with us, and combined he…

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