Britannia Blå

BLÅMUGGOST Britannia Blue Manufacturer: Gangstad Gårdsysteri Type: Blue cheese Milk: Cow's milk Taste: Very mild blue cheese Description: White mold on the outside and blue mold on the inside. Blue mold is added to the cheese during curdling, but it is dipped in boiling water and further in water with added white mold after salting. Best between 1.5 - 3 months after production. Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, acid culture, salt, rennet, blue mold, white mold. Good accessory…

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Pizza with 4 cheeses

pizza på et fat

A really tasty pizza with four different Norwegian cheeses. You can find the recipe for this delicious pizza and more recipes with Norwegian cheese here at

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The treat is a blue cheese with 50/50 cow's and goat's milk.
Cheese made from cow's and goat's milk from only two farmers.
It has a rich and good taste.

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Firm blue cheese with a rich taste. Rørosblå is produced in cheese wheels of approx. 2 kg and sold whole for division in the shop.

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Bukkeblå fra Sæterstad Gård

Bukkeblå is made from goat's milk, where parts of the milk are separated to get cream for our brown goat's cheese. This is therefore a lean type of blue cheese. It is still flavorful and full-bodied, but firm and mild.

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Fornes gård

BLÅMUGGOST Blåstøyten Producer: Fornes Gård Type: Blue mold Milk: Unpasteurized cow's milk Taste: Mild Description: The cheese goes well with a piece of biscuit and the stronger heather honey, but also try it as a topping on a pizza. Outlet: See website for full overview.

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