Seating experiences at Håvardsrud Seterliv

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Håvardsrud Seterliv

On the sod roof, happy children sit cuddling with rabbits, while inside the cheese factory, butter churning is taught. Goats, horses, cows, cow lambs, calves, pigs and a coop with chickens. Håvardsrud Seterliv is like a cornucopia of great seating experiences.

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- We think it is important to take care of and further develop the seating culture, says the chief steward herself, Ingebjørg Håvardsrud, looking around happily. - Here, everyone is welcome to take part in what is happening.

This means, among other things, feeding the animals, cuddling with the rabbits, going egg collecting or trying milking.

- We also have five horses, so it is possible to book a ride, she says.

Honorary award

Last year, Ingebjørg was awarded the seat prize by Norsk Seterkultur. She received this for her impressive efforts for having made an extraordinary effort for Norwegian seat management over a number of years. In the justification it read:

"Ingebjørg operates in an offensive, inspiring and inclusive way. Håvardsrud processes the milk on the farm and offers a café, accommodation and farm experiences. Here, the seat culture is shared with a large audience in an educational and inclusive way."

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Important forwarding

- This year we are five booth owners at Setra, she says. - There are talented young people who get to learn traditional operations with everything from animal care and milking to cheese making, cheese making and cooking sour cream porridge. Although the work can be hard and the days long, it is fun to see how well they enjoy both the animals and the guests. Most have been here several summers.

In this way, important cultural heritage is also passed on, she emphasizes.

A pleasant time travel

Setra includes seven self-catering cottages. It is also possible to book a stay in the former homestead located approx. five kilometers away. There is neither electricity nor water here, but there is drinking water in the stream and wood chopped up by burning in the black oven.

- Living so close to nature, heating water for the coffee and having no other light sources but a candle in the evenings, gives a very special atmosphere and calmness, she assures. - There are many people who appreciate taking such a time journey back in time.

Eager morning birds

Whether you rent a cabin or try your luck by living like in Farmen: It is open to everyone to follow the day's tasks.

-Even if people are on holiday, most people get up until 6.00 to get a peaceful start to the day. Then the animals are brought in for milking from the pasture. For many, this is one of the highlights of the holiday, says the chief steward and gets ready to bring in the cows for milking.

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Håvardsrud Seter llocated in Skirvedalen and is open from St, Hans until the first weekend in September.

In the cafe, you can buy real sour cream porridge made with milk from the cows on the setra and traditional dishes such as kåku (lapper) and kåku.

Håvardsrud Seterliv

The roof set
3650 Tin Austbygd

Telephone: Tel.: 95 05 97 25


Activities at Håvardsrud:

  • Give breakfast to the pigs
  • Bring in the cows
  • Milk
  • Get the cows back out to pasture
  • For calves, cows, lambs, rabbits and hens
  • Get eggs
  • About. at 14: Feeding calves, cows, combs and pigs
  • About. 5:00 p.m.: Bring in the cows
  • Milk
  • Get the cows out again
  • Give supper to all the small animals.
  • And in Fjellcafeen, it is possible for young and old to enjoy traditional Norwegian dishes such as sheep's feet and sour cream porridge with a view of Gaustatoppen.
  • It is also possible to take home edible souvenirs such as various local food products.
  • You can also sign up for a course in churning butter. Check the website for more information.

Byline: Trude Henrichsen