Hamarsbøen Gard

Hamarsbøen Gard

We at Hamarsbøen are part of Ostebygda (The Cheese Village). The cheese recipes here are family heirlooms, handed down and perfected from generation to generation. In Ostebygda, the top cheese producers from three generations have joined together to bring the cheese out into the world, and to bring people into the world of cheese. We live alongside the animals, giving them love and time, which results in the best flavours the mountain can provide.

We produce Kvitost Røykt (white cheese smoked), Kvitost Lykjylost (traditional white cumin cheese, also called Nøkkelost) and Vellagra Kvitost (well-matured white cheese).

Foto: Osteglad / Hamarsbøen Stølsysteri
Photo: Osteglad / Hamarsbøen Stølsysteri

Hamarsbøen Gard

Address: Kvislavegen 25

Phone: 41232701

E-mail: liv.marit@hamarsboen.no

Website: http://hamarsboen.no

Farm shop: Yes - shop at the mountain farm from about 1 July to 1 Sep.