Grøndalen Gårdsysteri


Grøndalen Gårdsysteri

Grøndalen Gård is a family business. Here, organic farming, good animal welfare and resource management have the highest priority. At the farm, we have three core values: PROUD, FRESH and CAREFUL. The values characterize people, animals, the products and the environment.

The most important thing for us is that the cow gets to be the mother of her calf. Cows and calves go in and out as they please throughout the year, and are allowed to lie in soft straw bedding. Maternal happiness, grazing and outdoor life are decisive for the quality and taste of meat and milk.

We try as far as we can to manage and utilize the resources on the farm in a sustainable way. It has also led to its own bio-combustion plant, solar collectors and solar cell systems. We are also recommended by the Dyrevernalliansen and were the first in Norway to get the Dyrevernmarket on our products.

The farm has 19 cows and 20 calves/young animals and fodder is cultivated on 340 da. The animals graze on 170 daa with natural cultural pastures in a ravine landscape down towards Glomma.

Grøndalen Gårdsysteri

Grøndalen Gårdsmeieri:

Address: Grøndalsvegen 17
Telephone: 909 05 773

Farm sale: No