Elite milk

Elite milk!

Strict requirements are placed on the highest quality label Norwegian dairy farmers can receive for their raw material delivery. The award has been awarded since 1993 and the silver tin is the TINE farmers' certificate of honor for 15 years of elite milk. Here you will find answers to what the scheme entails.

Achieving the designation requires both a large portion of patience and hard work. Only after supplying milk of the highest quality continuously for 15 years are you qualified to call yourself a supplier of elite milk. It involves close to 5,500 days of strict routines, hard work and good animal welfare.

Under strong control

The milk is measured according to various criteria such as, among other things, the level of cell counts which tells about:

- udder health
- the bacteria level (which affects the hygiene of the barn operation itself)
- the milking machine
- free fatty acids
- as well as the taste of the milk itself.

At each milk pick-up, the milk is also checked to ensure that it is free of drug residues.

Unique arrangement

- We know that there are similar arrangements in some other countries, although we do not know the details of them. Precisely the Silver TINE is probably quite unique for Norway, says Unni P. Christensen at the communications department in Tine. A big thank you to Norwegian milk beans who do a fantastic job, which in turn produces fantastic cheese!

Byline: Trude Henrichsen