Bryn Gardsmeieri

Bryn Gardsmeieri

Bryn Gårdsmeieri is a farm established on new land in the 30's. There have always been goats on the farm, but the farm dairy was not established until 2002. Since then, we have processed all the fresh goat's milk ourselves.

We produce a wide range of cheeses, and we are constantly developing new products. In the summer of 2020, we built a new barn on the farm, which was a great improvement. Animal welfare is important, and in the new barn, the goats are clearly doing very well, which makes us happy. The mountain farm is over 240 years old, and making cheese was an important part of the mountain farm life.

Here, the goats graze on the herbs and plants they find in the mountains for 3 months every summer. That's what makes good cheese.

Bryn Gardsmeieri
Photo: Johan Andersson

Bryn Gard/Rømonysetra:

Address: Flendalsvegen 2699
Telephone: 99104467

Farm shop: Yes, Friday - Sunday 13:00-16:00, seasonal shop.