Brubekken Gårdsmeieri

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Brubekken is a small farm with cows and goats that processes and sells everything the farm produces from milk and meat locally. The operation is based on agro-ecological principles, including using only Norwegian raw materials for feed. We use maximum field grazing from May to November, i.a. July and August at the setra in Torbudalen in Sunndal municipality. (Aursjøvegen.)

All products are traditional handicrafts from Nordmøre. It is important for us to make visible and pass on the knowledge and culture that was linked to our district. The dairy was established in 1995 when local processing was both ridiculed and opposed. But we held our ground and believed in what we were doing. We now have good demand for our products, which have received many awards in the NM for cheese. The farm was also awarded Møre og Romsdal's cultural landscape prize in 2016 for the work that has been done in preserving traditions with old cuirasses, operating methods and products.

The farm produces white cheese from goat's milk (young and aged), brown cheese from goat's milk, cream and butter from cow's milk, yellow cheese and brown cheese from cow's milk and aged cheese.

Brubekken Gårdsmeieri

  • Brubekken Gårdsmeieri
  • Address: Brakstadstranda 345
  • Telephone: 91563259
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Farm sale: Yes - we have our own shop in Eidsvåg (Bæstes Bakeri). Open from Tuesday - Saturday from 11-18.


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