Alm Gard ysteri

Alm Gard ysteri

Guus and Laurien, who moved from the Netherlands to Norway in 2004, bought a small farm in Feios. There, they started with the production of organic ice cream with milk from their Telemark cows and fruit from the farm. In 2017, a new ice cream factory was built in the farmyard. After the coronavirus pandemic, Almgard struggled financially and Laurien and Guus started producing cheese, which had been a dream for a long time. In April 2022, cheese production started in the old ice cream production facility under the main house on the farm. Cheese storage is in the cellar. Guus and Laurien buy organic milk for the cheese production from Vange Gard (Vange Farm) in Vik. Vange Gard has a long tradition of a long 6-hour journey through the high mountains to Fresvikjordalen where the cows go on summer holiday.

Bergen Matfest, Almgard ysteri

Alm Gard:

Address: Sambindingsvegen 22, 6895 Feios
Telephone: +47 48267898

Farm shop: Yes, open all year