Svein Erik Backlund som dommer under World Cheese Awards i Wales 2022

Academy of Cheese Course

Academy of Cheese Level 1 is a basic course in cheese which deals with the different professional fields within cheese. The candidate will be able to learn about cheese production, storage/ripening/buying and selling/presentation, communication, industry knowledge and food safety. In addition to all this, the candidate will learn how to taste cheese in a structured way, and use more descriptive words and expressions in terms of taste and aroma. This could be a good foundation that can be used when cheese lovers and cheese nerds gather for the World Cheese Awards 2023 in Trondheim in October. The course is the first in the series, and a passed exam entitles you to the next course in the series: Academy of Cheese Level 2.

The course itself is in English, but with a Norwegian instructor from Oluf Lorentzen. A technical glossary will also be distributed. The course consists of a course day of approx. 9 hours followed by approx. 30 hours of self-study and a multiple-choice exam. When Academy of cheese level 1 has been passed, a diploma and a pin are sent which provides visible proof of the candidate's knowledge. The course is a first step in gaining a broad understanding of cheese and its surroundings - cheese making, storage, consumption, tasting, storage and more.


This is a full-day course that includes guided tasting, access to online courses, exam costs, light lunch and drinks. It will mostly be British and French cheeses, but Norwegian cheeses will also be discussed. They must expect to read up to 30 hours themselves to take the exam digitally. 

Course registration:

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